Subject: Portugal and Spain in January
Hi Laura,

If I were you I would drop Gibraltar, I made the mistake many years ago,!! I found out the hard way that there are a lot of much fascinating and interesting places to visit.

I am suggesting a few sites which might be useful:

all about Spain Spain Tourism for Andalucia

and for hotels

of course the Paradores are great as you know and have their own web site which is most useful at During January they have fantastic deals.... also remember the Bancotel and Corte Ingles coupons deals . I never used them but they have been highly recommended by other members. if you wish to save some $ staying in nice places.

Our last trip to Spain and Portugal was last year and we had a great time, during this trip we avoided Madrid and Barcelona, and concentrated on the small , medium size cities and loved it. Top on our list are: Santiago, Leon,Cordoba,Granada...Porto, Tomar,Bathalla, Evora............. . Buena suerte. Graziella.