Subject: Paris for a week
I can't tell you how helpful and interesting I find this site. I learn something new every day. I am going to Paris the end of Sep. I have not been to Paris since 1985 when we were stationed for 5 years in Germany and would go there for weekends. I have never been on my own really in Paris, we always took bus tours from the base and would take off on our own once there but that was different than flying in. I'm going with my mom who has never been there. We are flying into CDG airport and I'm wondering which is the best way to get from CDG to the hotel which is between Opera and Montmarte area. My mom is 76 years old so we don't want to be carrying our luggage too far but we don't want to spend $60 on a cab if we can help it. Does the train go right into CDG where you can get your luggage and take the train to the center of Paris and from there take a cab? If so, is that easy to do? Or is it advisable to order a shuttle through a travel agent here? There have probably been posts on this but I don't remember reading them recently. I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone has on this. Carol Mueller in San Antonio, TX