Subject: Re: Re: Paris airport shuttle
Hi Carol, We were just in Paris in April, and were very pleased with the shuttle service we used. The price was much less than a taxi, they were prompt and efficient, and we will (if we are ever so blessed) use them again. Here is a link to their website:

We also have the e-mail address which is ashuttle@c...

The price was 178 FF (about 25 USD) and I believe that was for both of us. I could be wrong though, but it only makes sense: I wouldn't have spent 50$ on a shuttle service if I could have had my own taxi for the same price. I am almost positive the price was for two, but you can check it out on the website.

They do all reservations by e-mail or phone call, and we did it by e-mail, sending them credit card numbers on a secure server they provided. I think. Oh God, my memory. Anyway, I'm sure of this: they provided good e-mail service, gave us a phone number to call from luggage pick-up at the airport, and were outside when we emerged with our luggage. There is a special phone to use at CDG, and they describe it to you. It was all easy and painless.

We had to reconfirm our return service from our hotel, but that worked out perfectly, too.

I believe someone on this group recommended this service to me, but, again, I could be wrong. It might have been someone on But you can search the Travelzine archives for this subject if you want to be sure.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have anymore questions. Debbie in Pgh