Subject: Re: Good places for one person
I know you ended up asking about Europe, but first you mentioned where are the best places to do this? There are a couple excellent places I have been in South America that are good for backpacking & hiking. The Parque Nacional Peninsula de Paria in Eastern Venezuela has mountains, lush rain forests, and beautiful secluded bays and coves with pristine beaches on the Caribbean. Several small fishing villages with friendly people that will show you their favorite mountain swimming pools and streams. Great trip. The Venezuelan Andes is also a great trip for backpacking, as is the Ceará state of Brasil with a host of beaches and coves to explore. Inland in Ceará there are some nice lakes and lagoons. Brasil is a fun place for a young single guy, too.
> Anyway, my basic question here is, has anyone ever done a solo backpacking
> trip in Europe? If Europe is your definite choice,it has been a while for me outside of some business trips and passing through, but I would look into Spain and Portugal. Especially the Algarve area and the Mediterranean coastal area.

Where ever you choose, have a great trip.