Subject: Re: Comments and questions//Oslo, Copenhagen
Dear Jerry, I am Marta from Hungary and several years ago I had a chance to work as a tranee in Norway, which was one of my most beautiful summers of mine :)) My favourite was not Oslo (sorry ) but the old capital, Trondheim with its cathedral and the jewels of the emperor and Bergen, a really lovely small town. (Eat fresh salmon, unforgettable!) Anyway,for those, who will not take a ship, I can suggest just to leave the towns, and find a hytta(small log hous) for rent in the mountains, since Norway is not so rich in historical places (too many fires and wars destroyed) but the waterfalls, the fjords and the rivers are breath-taking...also the forests with trolls in it (a giant or a smurf, believe, really ugly creatures :) ) I took a train to go up to Bodo (and cross the North Polar Circle!!!) and spent a day there with a two hours long cruise among its beautiful islands. Once I will try a long cruise may be.... Be prepared, that in August it can be quite cool, and RAINY. When I was in Bodo (middle of August) it was about 15 C, and heavy showers. Take good care, have fun and drop in the panopticum (waxworks) in Copenhagen. Best wishes Marta