Subject: Re: Travelling solo
My suggestion is this. If you want to meet local people, go off-season. If you want to meet other travelers from all over the world, go peak-season. Either way, don't forget to have a great time :)

I went to Victoria, BC, Canada this summer and stayed at B&B. We met people from England, France, Calgary, Alaska, Minnesota and Japan. It's fun to hear about where they have been and their experiences at Breakfast table. I am planning a trip to UK/France/Germany/Switzerland in August, mostly staying at hostels, so I am looking forward to meet like-minded travelers.

BUT, if I had a choice, I would prefer going off-peak myself.. I believe it's personal preference and I am determined to enjoy myself no matter what. Off-season, You would get to see the place without all the hype and crowd (I am a photographer and they tend to get in my way when I want to take pictures), with it's real color so to speak. You may face shorter hours of attractions, some are closed altogether during off-peak season, weather might be terrible, etc etc. So there are trade-offs of course. I heard the best time to travel is shoulder season, somewhere in between peak and off seasons, when the crowd is gone, price has come down a bit and weather is still decent. That sounds like a great advice to me.

My motto, though, is GO WHEN YOU CAN. I can travel more freely now I have quit my day job, but many of us has jobs, families, money issues, etc etc, that detain us from taking a trip. I don't prefer taking a trip during high high season of August to Europe, but I am going now anyhow. Why? because I have time, money, health, energy, and support from my spouse now. Any of these I might not have 4 months from now. This isn't just for traveling. If you want to do something, do now. Tomorrow may be completely another day.

anyhow.. enough rambling for now... have a great day everyone! Yasue