Subject: Re: Camping
Hey John, Sounds like you got the great spot. How was the Heat? As far as the coast you are right about the rules for dogs. We travel with our dog so we find a site that is secluded and can be closed off by our car. They do not allow dogs leashed or otherwise on the trails anymore. Much to our dissapointment. We found some hikes outside the main park and had no problems. We chose this area( Del Norte) because it is always 1/2 empty. Due to the weather which is cloudy and cool in the 50's at best. South of where we go it is full all summer long. We have been to Sequoia camping with the dog in the Spring when the nights are still down to 40 degrees or less. Hard to get out of the bag in the A.M. But, we have the place to ourselves. I would love to find camping closer to us that is less crowded. Del Norte is 800 miles from Santa Monica, add another 100 for San Diego. Seq. is only 300 or so. We also used to camp at Mamoth Lakes but had problems with VERY LARGE (7 feet 900 lbs) Brown bears two years in a row. Very aggresive! I like Black bears in the 100 lb range that hide up trees. In Mamoth we Condo Camp now. Hike by day condo by night. Being from Brooklyn I am a little wary of Bears, Subways are fine! What kind of gear do you use and do you car camp as we do? All we look for is some form of toilet and fresh water. Showers are great but we can do without for a few days if unavailable. Something nice about having to boil water to wash with or we have a solar shower bag if there is sun. The more basic it gets the more we shed our work a day lives at home. We also go to Big Basin in the Santa Cruz Mtns. Have you been? It is really nice especially in the fall and winter. They have tent cabins as well. No water or electric but a wood stove and canvas roof. For those less inclined to sleeping on the ground outdoors. We have taken non-woods people there.

Thank You, David West CA. U.S.A.