Subject: Camping the US
Camping is a wonderful way to see the US! There's an incredible variety of types of camping, from the most posh RV parks to the true wilderness. And as another poster mentioned, gear can be rented, saving the hassle of dragging tents, stoves and sleeping bags across the Atlantic. And of course, the remarkable scenery requires only your appreciation.

On Forest Service land, camping is permitted anywhere for the most part, and here in Oregon, that's an impossibly huge territory. I do keep dogs on leash while we're hiking in to our destination just because I don't like surprises, but around camp they can roam around. Because many state & national parks don't allow dogs, off or on leash, &because I prefer the challenge of a compass strike across the woods, I end up with the wilderness option. After more than 40 years of backcountry hiking, I have my fave spots, yes, but there are still trails I haven't hiked & areas I haven't explored, &that's just here in Oregon. Too many places, too little time!

I added my 11-week old son to my backpack for his first wildnerness adventure, &now, 36 years later, he is still one of my most congenial woods companions. My little granddaughter toddled in to her first high lake at 13 months, so the tradition continues.

Gail in Eugene