Subject: Thailand
Thailand is a country to visit and revisit. In '97 we were there in October and the weather was perfect. We only had some rain in Bangkok, nothing much, though. What I know is that the weather is very hot from March to May and that it rains a lot from June to early October. The North is cooler. Bangkok´s traffic is histerical, never seen anything like it anywhere, and air pollution was absurd. Traffic policemen cover their noses and mouths with white bandannas and are only kept a short time in that type of work. They switch constantly so they stay at least six months in places where they can breathe. That´s the bad part. The rest is all fantastic. I always go looking for every type of building, modern, ancient, religious, secular, so for me Bangkok was a real feast. Take one of the river buses, (the regular ones, not the ones for tourists) not at peak times, please. It is quite an experience. Chiang Mai and the area around it is really great. There is a hotel by the river: River View Lodge, perfect. We had a room overlooking the river. It´s quite a view, specially at night. They maintain an unique garden with potted plants, all kinds of flowers. Breakfast is served there. There are many places to see from shrines and temples, to elephants´ training grounds and local artisans. There is a street fair at night where they sell all kinds of things. As usual many trinkets, but also beautiful wood carvings. Being a photographer you will enjoy it tremendously. My son is an architect (like me!) and quite a photographer. He took hundreds of pictures, all fabulous.

Susana São Paulo, Brazil