Subject: Santa Fe Restaurants
I agree that some aspects of Santa Fe can be kitschy...the interminable souvenir shops selling moronic t-shirts and very poor Native American art. But isn't this kitsch true of most popular destinations?

I agree about Taos. Wonderful little town. With one of the Rockies finest ski areas to boot. I've been skiing there for over twenty years (when there's adequate snow).

As far as I'm concerned a visit to Santa Fe or Taos without making the drive to Ranchos de Chimayo for a meal is a lost opportunity to sample northern New Mexico's cuisine at its finest. We make the drive every time we visit Santa Fe. Or better yet stop here for lunch when taking the High Road from Santa Fe to Taos. Then, on the way back along the Low Road stop for a meal at Paraguas in Espaņola.

John Rule San Diego, CA