Subject: Santa Fe
Yes, it is true that Santa Fe is quite a scene, but I am a big fan of the area. I just spent a week there in June. You cannot beat it for museums and some other things. I highly recommend that you see the Museum of International Folkart and the Native American Museum right on the same campus a few moments from town. Both are small and exceptional. The Wheelwright Gallery is also next door.

Then if you enjoy day spas and/or massage, Ten Thousand Waves offers an expansive array of options, some pricey, some not. The treatment is wonderful and the setting delightful.

Then I second the recommendation for Pasquals restaurant. Breakfast or Dinner if you can get in. Small delightful place.

Also if you don't mind crowds and I think it is on Friday nights, join the fun gallery hopping the art openings up and down Canyon Road. Stop in the shop called Nathalie's for some neat things.

If you have a hankering for bagels, etc. Bagelmania is a good stop for hearty breakfasts or lunches.

I think that Taos is a great excursion and a lovely ride, too. Much more peaceful.

What you might want to skip are all the (tourist) shops and things right downtown, but even so a walk around couldn't hurt, in my opinion.

Maddy Northmapton, Mass.