Subject: Opera &NE US music fests
One of our favorites (Tanglewood in western Mass has gotton so big!) is the Mozart Festival in Vermont -- they do mostly classical from Shelburne Farms (with lake Champlain on one side and the Green Mts of Vermont on the other ... spectacular on a summer's night) -- Also concerts are given from the Round Barn in Waitesfield VT and from the ferry that goes from Burlington to Plattsburgh NY -- They also have concerts I think from the VonTrapp Family Lodge in Stowe.

The North Country Players do chamber music in Lincoln. NH - near Waterville Valley - also in Mass there is the Rockport Music Festival, in RI there is the Newport Music Festival (this one is classical given in the old mansions) -- the the Monadnock Music Festival in southern NH - (also there is the famous puppet opera - all year round) Try to find this book on music festivals - its out of print but a search might locate it:

Music Festivals in America -- Carol Price Rabin The Berkshire Traveller Press ISBN: 0-930145-01-1

Susie Newton, MA