Subject: Re: Re: Santa Fe Visit '89
Hey John, We have done the trip to Chimayo and a few towns who's name's escape me. Out towards Las Vegas N.M and along the Rio in some amazing spots. We loved it, as we have almost everything we have seen in New Mexico. We just had a bum time in Santa Fe especially since it was at the end of a ten day car tour of the West including Zion, Bryce drive through vacation for 2 days only,Wyoming, Rocky Mtn. Nt.Park (not Estes Park but Grand Lake?), And then two days slow drive to to Taos. We left Taos's beauty and peacefulness for Santa Fe and were not ready for all that Traffic and Noise. The only hotel room was out by the airport along some main road that was undergoing MAJOR construction at the time. It took about an hour to get (10-12 miles away) to the older central part of Santa Fe. I need to get some new memories of Santa Fe. Another visit With Reservations this time. We have since returned many(3 or 4) times to Taos via Albuquerque(sp?) Love It! Have not made it back to Zion yet. Maybe soon.

Thank You, David West CA. U.S.A.