Subject: Cities to eat
Hi all, the Philly cheese steak we talked a while ago made me think about the food which got its name from a town. Everybody probably know the Frankfurter sausage (the hot dog) although here in Trieste it's called Vienna sausage, while the Milanese breaded steak is also known as Wienerschnitzel (Viennese steak) in German-speaking countries. I can think of a few more from Italy: the pizza napoletana (from Napoli), only tomato and basil the lasagne alla Bolognese (from Bologna), meat sauce the gnocchi alla romana, can't really explain what thy are made of as my English faults and so on. Just one strange thing: a steak is called Ljublijanska (from the town Ljublijana) in Slovenia and around here, Zagrebacka (from the town Zagreb) in Croatia and Karadjordjeva (from the king's dinasy) in Serbia, but it's always the same slice of meat folded and stuffed with ham and cheese, then breaded and fried. You maybe know it as Cordon Bleu!

If you know about some more (especially American as I don't know them) why don't let us know?


Paolo Trieste, Italy