Subject: Visions to treasure for a lifetime
Sitting in the sunshine on the rear deck of the lake steamer, breathing the crisp, fresh air, and seeing the most sensuous sights was the highlight of the trip. As you leave Thun there are marvelous chateaux and villas along the shrub and flower-lined waterfront and climbing high onto the hills. The first three stops, Hunibach, Hilterfingen and Oberhofen are elegant and enchanting. We decided we are going to return to explore the area beyond the docks. If you love lakes and mountains, this is the place to see them. Switzerland - Spring 1996

AND, before we began documenting our experiences, I remember when we found ourselves alone at La Defense in Paris. We had taken the metro and arrived as dusk turned into night. We walked along the concourse, admiring the beautiful sculptures until we came to the very end of it and there before us was the whole of Paris, her monuments twinkling before us; the familiar shapes dressed in their evening finery. What a sight!

Hidden behind those words is the fact that the beauty of it brought me to tears. Have you ever had this happen to you? What took your breath away or was so stunning it is forever etched in your memory? Linda