Subject: Re: Newark
I agree with John about the time / traffic. However IMO the Olympia busses to the city are the way to go. I have used them many times and they actually have an express lane at the (Lincoln) tunnel for busses only. No matter where in the city you go plan to leave back to airport from the Trade center. It is the quickest and the busses sit in the same traffic as taxis for much less money. The bus is air conditioned and clean since it is geared to business travelers. No offense to Newark N.J., but the choice between the greatest city in the world (NYC) or Newark seems like a no brainer! Time moves quickly in NYC so watch the clock. Also the busses run much less frequently after the business day. Some things to do. Soho, Greene street , West B'way., Sullivan street, in the village walk Houston to 6 ave go north to Bleeker and walk around. Go north to Sherridan Square and head east. 8 st. turns into St. Marks Place going east to the east village. Great record stores and things. The West side is more upscale the East side is funkier. Avoid midtown unless you want to see big buildings and lots of people. If you want more upscale take the subway to Central park and walk up central park west across the park at 80st. to 5 ave by the museum (met). Or forget all this and head directly to the museum of modern art (55 st 5ave) spend a few hours there and have lunch in the cafe and back to the airport. This is probably the best thing to do if you love Art. I could type all day on this subject so write to me if you want more.

David West CA. U.S.A.