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> Hi Carol.
> I was in Madrid last March. We found a train to El Escorial with no
> switching. We boarded it at a Metro/train station located
> below one of the
> plazas. Not sure but it may have been the Metro entry from
> Plaza de Espana.
> Once we arrived at Escorial we found a bus that took us to the
> monestary.
> We paid a low fee for a guided tour and it was worth it. Our
> guide wore a
> US flag lapel pin he said was a gift from Mr. Bush, who he
> gave the tour
> while Bush was president. The tour was probably an hour and you could
> probably spend most of the day there if you wished.

> We hired a tour to go to Avila and Segovia. Couldn't figure
> out how to do
> it by train. We found the tour company across the plaza
> located in front of
> the Palace Real, in the vicinity of the opera house. The tour
> lasted all
> day and cost around 10,000 ptas. including a very good meal. The tour
> stopped briefly in Avila, then continued to Segovia.

> Lots to see in Madrid. If you have any more questions let me know.

> Have fun.
> Marsha