Subject: Re: Re: BAKED Spumoni and Tortoni
Leonardo, The Tortoni of Italian American heritage, at least in NYC in the 50's was a dish of ice cream (originally Almond or lily of the valley, eventually vanilla.) with toasted almond on top. When made right they are wonderful. I have seen travel shows about Sicily where they appeared to be eating one but did not mention it by name. I must say that eating on vacation in foreign countries is half or more of the fun. The best is when you look for the place that a friend sort of remembered and said you had to try and instead you find your own totally wonderful place while looking for the first one? While in France last year I was in a town with a large market and there were many , many bakeries. Only one had a line in front. A line of older women dressed in black with shopping bags and all gabbing (talking). I knew there was only one place to buy bread.

David West CA. U.S.A.