Subject: Re: Alcala de Henares
Alcala is on the main highway that Barajas airport is on, instead of going into Madrid, you just go northeast on Nll. It isn't very far from the airport. You pass the town of Torrejon and it's soon after that. The main part of the town is off the highway to the right. We took the train to it this time and I was disoriented since when we lived there we drove and actually didn't know where the train station was in the town. There are so many more apartments there now and I didn't recognize anything till I got to the old part of the city and that was exactly the same. The highway to Toledo is good. That's considerably farther but the roads are good now and direct. I don't know the highway numbers but you kind of circle under Madrid and pick up N401. Since you are heading that direction, Aranjuez is interesting wiht a lovely palace there off of Hwy NIV. Not far from Segovia is La Granja de San Idelfonso with a beautiful little palace and gardens and fountains that light up at night. You asked someone else about dinner times in Madrid. We've never been ones to enjoy late meals and we noticed when we were getting ready to go to bed, everyone else was dressing to go out to dinner and theaters. There are places in Madrid called VIP now that serve food all day and we were able to avoid the crowds in restaurants and eat relatively smoke free by eating at our normal eating times right after siesta around 5 PM. They are sort of like Dennys places and one thing we really enjoyed was tortitas con nata (pancakes with whippped cream and warm chocolate sauce) or we would get their tortillas or their sandwiches that were made of egg and white asparagus. We used to love them when we lived there. Another thing I found was the Mac Donalds there have great gourmet salads with shrimp and other types that we don't have here and they have gazpacho soup also and for a quick cheap meal they were very good. Carol in San Antonio