Subject: Cosmos Tour of Italy-14 Days
I took a Cosmos tour of Italy 4 years ago. I have a travelogue of it at for details but in brief:

Weather in November will be colder than in Florida, cool but not classic winter weather i don't think. I was there mid to end of October and temperatures were comfortable, with a light jacket. YOu may want to bring rain gear and an extra sweater for mornings and evenings.

The quality of the hotels Cosmos uses are standard, nothing fancy but not bad at all for the most part. They change which hotels they use so it's hard to judge exactly. The one thing i found i didn't like was that in the cities, the hotels are out of the center of town in the suburbs or as was the case in Florence, in another town 20 minutes away by train, albeit the hotel was at the train station. The hotels are usually handy public transportatoin should you want to go on your own or come back late. We pretty much either took taxis (Rome) or came back to the hotel when the bus was coming back. One other thing, you may find yourselves climbing a lot of hills or staircases. In the hill towns like Assissi, Gubbio, San Marino, San Gimignano (sp!) Urbino and Sienna, the bus wasnt' able to go up into the town as the roads are too narrow. So the bus parks in a car park and you walk up a hill into town. Orvieto was a bit different. there is a funicular car that goes up and meets a little local bus. It was good exercise though, i lost 10 pounds on the trip even with all that great Italian pasta! Over all we really enjoyed the tour!