Subject: Travelling with Art Supplies
Hi Colette--I travel fairly often and always take my art stuff. I have a nifty canvas roll up thing that holds way more tubes of paint (15ml size) than I need on trips and also holds five or six brushes, pencils, erasers etc. When rolled it's 12 long, and about 3 thick. I use it at home and for class as well and can't believe how much stuff it holds. I got it last year from Daniel Smith and think it was about $25.00, maybe $30.00 but the one of the best investments I've made. You can stuff it in your carry on or your checked luggage. No, the tubes won't explode. A WC journal or block sits nicely on the bottom of the suitcase.

I actually get more painting done when I'm away as there's not so much nagging at the back of my mind about that I should be doing. Happy painting!

Best, Lyn