Subject: Cosmos and GlobusTours
Hi P.L

I have not been to Italy(Yet) but my wife and I have taken Cosmos tours in the western states of Canada plus California and a whistle stop Globus tour through some countries of Europe. These tours were many years ago and so the information I am about to impart may be a bit dated. We found that the amount of people on the tours numbered about 45 and when comfort stops were reached, the ladies especially had great difficulty using the toilet facilities in the time allocated. The same can also be said for the meal stops. The tour directors always suggested places for meals, but we found after being on the tour for a while, it was better to find and use different eating establishments, whether it be a restaurant or small tea rooms. After conferring with the rest of the passengers, we usually found that we were served a lot quicker and the quality of the food was generally better. I understand that the tour directors get some monitory remuneration for the passengers using certain restaurants. The hotels that Cosmos frequented were usually outside the main centres so be prepared to use taxis and/or public transport. Also with the so called 'optional extras' - don't rush into purchasing these as they can be rather expensive, we found that we could do things on our own while the rest of the tour group were away. I don't mean to sound negative, in fact we generally had a great time, met some neat people, whom we are still corresponding with. The tour directors and drivers were generally very good and the busses fast smooth and clean. In both Cosmos and Globus, they use the daily seat rotational system. I hope this helps and have a great holiday.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield.(New Zealand)