Subject: Luggage on a train

We have traveled by train in Switzerland and took the luggage on board with us. It is quite a trick to get a large suitcase on one of those trains, but as there were two of us, one got on and the other put the suitcase on and the onboard one hauled the loaded ones out of the way.

There is a rack above the seats where you can store your bags if you can get them up there. I could not do it so the suitcase stayed at my feet, or rather, under my legs. If the train was not crowded we had no problem.

In Italy the trains were crowded, but as we had a reserved set in a compartment (second class), the suitcases were in the overhead rack and everytwhere.

We have not traveled by train in the UK, so I can't help you there.

Gretchen South Carolina