Subject: Australia
We have been to Brisbane, Surfers sunshine coast and Cairns. We LOVED Cairns a great place to visit , would be too hot for me in December temperatures in the high 30's but lots of air conditioning. we stayed just out of Cairns at Trinity Beach , had a great place to stay at we would recomend it called Coral Sands across the road (literally) form the beach. If you stay in Cairns you are mostly next to the Mud flats . It looks nice when the tide is in but mudflats when the tide is out and no beach. Great adventures do tours out to the reef and the outer reef . we found them great picked us up from outside our accomodation and took us home afterwards. There nice airconditioned coaches are great to travel on when its hot outside ( we went in sept/October last year). Make sure you see the Kuranda forest in the sky so to speak you can get a train up and gondola down , fantastic village markets up there as well, and a Buttifly sanctuary with great buttiflies. We didn't do any diving but had some great fun looking at the fish,coral etc just snorkeling. We didn't get to Port Douglas but would definetly go their next time, its just a bit further up. Coolangatta has a small airport i believe. we usually arrive in Brisbane get a hire car and drive down to Surfers its only and hour from Brisbane and a great easy drive. we took the train up to Cairns from Brisbane its called The Queenslander spoiled ourselves as we usually backpack, It was great 2 and a bit days on the train with great meals, entertainment etc. Helps if you love trains (which we do). Their busy season is June and July funny enough as thats their winter, but its still lovely and warm. Hope that helps Fiona Halliwell New Zealand