Subject: My Grand Tour
Thanks to all of you who gave me such good advice and suggestions. I was the one traveling for four weeks thinking I could see all of Europe in that time. We limited our trip to Paris, Nice, Florence, Venice, Murren &Amsterdam. Thanks to your suggestions we cut out Barcelona and Rome and we probably should have cut out one more place. We spent 8 days in Paris which was fine but we could have spent more than the four or five nights in each of the other places. For all the novices, I can't emphasize enough PACK LIGHT. I thought I was being unrealistic in taking only a carry on for myself for four weeks. It really worked fine. I took clothes that could all be interchanged, and each time we came to a new place I hand washed my underwear and shirts. Pants & skirts were dark colors or prints that didn't show dirt so that was fine. I also rolled everything which I had never done before and that made looking for things easier and possibly even gave me more room although I didn't try packing in my usual manner. My husband on the other hand took a bigger suitcase - a 28 inch upright - which before we left we didn't think was so big. - We were wrong. When you have to get on and off trains or walk down and up staircases to make a train connection, that was really difficult. So again, thanks to all of you who convinced me to pack light and limit the places I visited. I'll write again about some of my impressions. Harriet