Subject: Italian gas price
Unleaded gas price is about Itl 2,200 per liter and going up :-( till the oil kings keep the price high. With a mid-sized car, manual transmission, you'll probably make about 10 km per liter, driving a mix of city and highway roads, unless you have a real heavy foot on gas. Diesel price is about itl 1,700 per liter, but you should consider the rental price rate and the kms before making a decision. I'm not converting into USD and Gallons, since you won't find any of these in Italy, but if you need it just ask.

Main gas stations accept VISA and AMEX (I'm not sure about Diner's); please remember the only stations opened 7/24 are on highways. Highway tolls are a little expensive, compared to U.S., but you can pay by credit card almost anywhere, except on city belt drives where the amount is very small (less than 1$). The Italian ATMs are accepted, but I don't know if the international ones work too. In any case the Cirrus ATM cards work at any ATM in Italy.

About roads and maps, don't be fooled by what could look like a shorter route on the map, driving on state and local roads: it's a good opportunity only if you like to see the scenery and don't mind about time, as they all cross many towns and villages, each one with way too many traffic lights, and the local traffic is usually slow. If time is a factor, take the highway all the way. Have a nice planning (since it's half the fun) Paolo