Subject: travel around the world
Ed, You should be able to get around the world tickets for less than that with some research. I have not done around the world but did do a circle the pacific. I had a base ticket and it was something like $50 added for each additional stop. Though it was a few years back, I still look in the papers pricewise.

Be sure to check all the restricitons and requirements. Sometimes there are penalty fees for changing a date, restricitons of days to fly, and how long the ticket is valid for. I found out that there are some regulations with some airlines and cities such as that you have to fly in and out on the same airline, you can't use a partner carrier. I had this happen, and it was the airline ticketing mistake, and they made good on it. Not only did they change the ticket but since I was going to arrive on Xmas eve in a city I didn't know at midnight I asked what are you going to do now and they put me up in a 5 Star Hotel.

I have met people traveling with children of all ages. It didn't seem to pose any problems and the kids loved it and had great exposure.

Hope you have a wonderful time and see as much as you can before resettling in Mexico. Best of luck Jo