Subject: travel around the world

Our 2.5 year old grandson did very well on a 2 week trip to Europe several years ago. We took a supply of Instant Oatmeal and all was fine until we ran out.

I think the children will be very interested in this. The only concern I see is the eating situation in Asia or other places where it is recommended to not eat any dairy products or eat fresh vegetable and fruits that you have not scrubbed and peeled yourselves, and only eat hot cooked foods. Of course, bottled water is everywhere.

We had talked seriously about doing a family trip to Morocco, but have let it go as we feel that the children would have a problem with the food situation, not touching their faces, and fingers in the mouth, etc.

However, if you visited places where food is not a problem, like Japan, Israel, Eastern and Western Europe, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, and some Pacific Islands, then I can certainly see it being a fantastic trip. Gretchen, South Carolina