Subject: Back from India
Hello everybody. I am back from my holidays. Two weeks touring India and a couple of days at the beach here, in Spain (weather hasnīt been brilliant, but it is nice to feel the cold after the humid heat). Iīll write a travelogue one of these days, after I catch up with work pending, but... 1._ We loved Nepal. We were in Kathmandu for three days, but it left us wishing to travel there on our own. 2._ I still donīt know about India. I felt myself like a walking ATM, and seeing the people at the tour throwing sweets and pens to the children, as if they were monkeys... 3._ I donīt think I am going back on a tour in a long time. Our tour guide behaviour was really appalling, and it really failed all our expectations. 4._ I havenīt been made for elephant riding. 5._ But the Taj Mahal is magnificent. Just watching it, at sunrise... It is better than the pictures. Rgds from a sunny Spain. Covadonga in Bilbao