Subject: India
Hi Ann, I wrote to a friend of ours to see if he could be of help to you with your planning. Extracts from his reply follow: I have been to India three times on pilgrimages to Hindu temples.I like the Architecture and stone carvings in the temples. Of course one has to put up with the dirt and squalor around.Kaniyakumari in Kerala (Cape Commarin) may be a place to visit. One could see the sunrise and sunset in the sea.It is a very beautiful site. It is the southernmost spot of India. Mahapalipuram too is a place to visit. It is by the sea. There are some nice stone carvings there too mostly of animals. Bangalore and Mysore too should be visited. I am personally enamoured by the sea and beaches, though not much of a swimmer. Travel by train is good if you travel 1st class. One has to book in advance. Car travel(car&driver) is usually Rs4.50 non AC &Rs 5 with AC per Kilometre. Driver is paid Rs 200 per day for Overnight stay(called Batta in India). My visit to India last was in 1999 Dec. Gas prices have gone up since then. Right now this is all I can remember. If you want me to give you the Address of the Travel agent who arranged me the car in Trivanrdrum (Capital City of Kerala) please let me know. Hope that helps. Regards, Linda