Subject: Buying Airline Tickets
I agree that a consolidator is probably your best bet. However checking with a good (real) travel agent and let them know you are looking for consolidor fares where possible. With the cutbacks in commisions from airlines they are not lossing that much and will make money off hotel and other things. If they won't look for con. fares at least they can give you an itenerary to shop for. You may also consider an open ended return, date wise and use the same country. There are many travel bargains in other parts of the world that may make it cheaper to just purchase travel as you go knowing you have 1 year to get back. As well I just heard that IcelandiAir(sp) have great deals to parts of Europe and Asia from the Eastern USA. I think they all go through Iceland where they offer packages to get off the plane and spend a couple of days. I do not remember where I heard about this but I bet the have a web site somewhere. Happy Trails! Thank You, David West CA. U.S.A.