Subject: United & Neverlost
Thursday night I departed on United Airlines, returning home Sunday evening. The whole weekend was without incident. Flights ran on time, personnel had smiles. I was all ready for some detours . . had printed a schedule of United as well as other airlines so I would be aware of what I could propose during any crisis. Also had a small jar of peanutbutter, plastic knife napkins etc, slices of bread and instant drink packets. Didn't need anything . . . (smile)

And, while many of you have probably already used it, I had never had a global positioning unit in a car. I was somewhat familiar with the area I was in, so it wasn't needed (but it was free) so I played with it. If one deviated from the suggested path, the unit can recompute. It even told me once at the next available intersection, make a legal u turn. So, I've decided that if I do venture into a major unknow city, this unit would be a benefit to have. Susan Huff