Subject: Digest Number 651
Hello Barbara, As a resident of a Eurpean country (you'll be that when spending several months there) you are not eglible for Europass or Eurail.

I wouldn't recommend to buy Europasses/Eurail because they're very expensive compared with tickets bought locally. As a resident of Europe there are better solutions for you: 1. Inter Rail 1 month unlimited train travel in France, Spain &Portugal costs DEM 698,- (2nd class only) around 350 US$ for your trip to and in Spain. 2. Euro Domino 3 Days Spain (2nd class) 155,- DM (~75 US$) every consecutive Day costs DM 54 (~25 US$). It also gives you 25% reduction on the Train from Italy to the spanish border. Prices for 1st class are: 208 DM (3 days) 64 DM (supplementary day). 3. For travels in Italy: Train fares are very low and FS (The State Railways) offers several reductions. Check out on

Timetables may be checked on (click on International visitors) or (also in Italian)

All these tickets are not sold in the USA or Canada. Buy them from a local travel agent or ticket counter. To get these reductions register as a foreigner living in Italy (I don't know anything about the procedure).

Nicolai Meyer