Subject: Late October Weather in Slovenia?
Corliss, My wife and I visited Slovenia in October of 1997. However, we were there the first week of October. The weather was very favorable. Warm sunny days and crisp nights. In fact, the day we went up to Lake Bled was one of the warmest sunniest days of our whole vacation. At that time the trees were in full fall foliage and had yet to lose all their leaves. I don't recall any great show of flowers. But later that week out on Margaret Island in Budapest there were still quite a few flowers in bloom. We didn't leave eastern Europe until the third week of October and during our stay we only encountered one day of rain.

Of course, as you put it there are no weather guarantees. But, at least you now have evidence of the occasional warm October. Perhaps our resident Slovenian Goran can add some more in depth experience on the matter. John Rule San Diego, CA