Subject: Northern Lower Michigan
We are just back from two glorious weeks in the Sleeping Bear Dunes area, the Keewaunaw Peninsula, the Mission Peninsula, and Charlevoix regions of No. Michigan. Growing up there but leaving 45 years ago, I had sort of forgotten how beautiful this unheralded (most tourists there are from Michigan) part of the country is: almost deserted gorgeous sand beaches along Lake Michigan, hundreds of inland lakes, magnificent sand dunes, wonderful hiking, virgin and second-growth forests, super B&B's, excellent small country restaurants with surprisingly fine cuisine--plus, of course, weather that is almost never hot in summer--make it a fine, relaxing vacation area. I know some of you have vacationed in that area, but it is a place that more of you in the Midwest might want to try. I can give specific suggestions to those who are interested. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore