Subject: Hi! Back from my trip, little travelogue
Hi everybody,

after a few weeks of vacation I am back home! I spent 3 weeks in The Netherlands. This wasn't a real holiday..... I already knew the country and had been there 4 times. This was just a chance to meet some friends I haven't seen for a while, some new people met through the net, and enjoy the Dutch lifestyle. Plus, I have been inquiring about companies in Holland, since I plan to move there if I can't find anything good in the States.

About my trip, I flew from Rome to Brussels. The tip is always fly to Brussels: probably because of the EU offices, there are more flights to Brussels and they are way cheaper then those to Amsterdam! And A'dam is just 3 hours away!!!

In fact, from Brussels I went straight to Amsterdam, where I stayed with a guy met last year through the net: he asked me about Italy but then had to cancel his trip, and I reversed the request :o) I stayed 6 days there, and this has been the first time I spent more than a day in Amsterdam! I could see it with a different eye, and appreciate better, even though I still say I would live in other cities better.

>From Amsterdam I went to Utrecht, were I have a couple of good friends that stayed with me in Rome during their holiday in July, and who I met last year in a Tuscany camping on the beach. I could enjoy the student's life of this nice town, hang around by bike and live the nightlife as well.

For the weekend I went to Maastricht, and on my way back to Utrecht I stopped a night in Eindhoven, a few hours in Den Bosch, and a day in Zeist, to visit friends I met during my class at the Technical University of Eindhoven 3 years ago. Also, I went a day to Haarlem, and with a friend we biked to Bloemandal an Zee, Zandvoort and back.

Maastricht is a cool town in a little strip of land between Belgium and Germany, famous for the EU treaty, where you can really breathe an international atmosphere. Eindhoven is the headquarter of Philips and home of a technical university, while Den Bosch is a pretty town in the Brabant province...... one of the less known, but among the prettiest towns in the country! Haarlem is about 20 min away from Amsterdam, to the sea, and the 2 towns I visited by bike are 2 beach communities. Especially Bloemendal an Zee is really nice for youngers, thanks to the atmosphere given by the bars by the beach. At night those bars become clubs, and you can dance on the sand!

After almost 2 weeks I left Utrecht to Schoonoven...... a very little town in the middle of nowhere, but known to be the city of silver jewelry, with a pretty riverside on the Lek river. During the weekend I spent there, we went to Den Haag to assist to the fireworks competition at the Scheveningen beach, and to Gouda, famous for the cheese.

Then I moved to Dordrecht, near Rotterdam, and visited Breda. And unfortunately my days were over..... I had to go back to Brussels and fly home :o(

Ciao Flavio in Rome