Subject: Re: NYC during Christmas

> Would love to hear any and all suggestions, do's don'ts etc. You all always

As a native New Yorker (and still living here) I still will agree that is probably the most scenic time to come here -

but also the most crowded - so be prepared.

For plays TKTS 1/2 price ticket booth - go to the one in 2 World Trade Center - shorter lines than in Times Square.

For restaurants - anywhere - the Village always has great places. Get one of the Zagats books or look on or for recommendations.

Hotel - dont know - never stayed in one here. But they may be more than your set price during that peak time period.

Getting around town - Buy a weekly unlimited Metrocard for $17 for all the subway and bus rides you want - its definitely worth it. -

Sights - Cant miss Rockefeller Center and the Tree - all the dept. stores with the windows Central Park Museums Times Square - and those are just a handful of the thousands of sites to see.

Have a great time.

Feel free to write more questions - Hope this helped.