Subject: Re: NYC during Christmas

I live and work in New York City:

In my travel to other cities I found that a lot of the major hotel chains had frigs and microwaves available when asked.

Accommodations try checking these out.

Do be aware of everything around you especially during the holidays. Not to scare you off, but people can be quite quick and slick with their hands.

Aside from the bascis that can be found in tour books I highly recommend the main Library on 40th and Fifth Ave. the artwork and architecture is a must see just as Grand Central Station is. If you are an adventerous then go way uptown to the Riverside Church and if you can the Cloisters.

The opening bell of the New York Stock exchange is exciting, and near by is St, Andrews church and a few other sites. Try this site for other suggestions

Lyn if you want an opinion on a location or particular site just email mail me off list and I will be glad to help.