Subject: How to exercise on the flight
While going through my files, I came across the following. Thought that anyone going on a long flight might find it useful. Some of these manouvrers don't draw attention, others ... well ... you may get an odd look from the person sitting beside you!

The website was:

How to Exercise on the Plane

The best type of exercise on a long flight is to get out of your seat, go to the back of the plane (or, if you're shy, into a toilet cubicle) and engage in traditional calisthenics, such as touching your toes, reaching for the sky and running in place. If you can't or don't want to get up, there are certain sets of exercises you can do in your seat.

1. Tighten and release, one group at a time, the muscles in your shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs.

2. By raising your thighs, lift both feet six inches off the floor and rotate them first in one direction and then in the other.

3. Reach up repeatedly toward your overhead light with one arm and then with the other as though trying to block out the light.

4. Bend forward with all your weight, press your crossed forearms onto your knees and, keeping your toes on the floor, repeatedly lift your heels as high as possible.

5. Sitting up, arching your back, repeatedly roll both shoulders forward and then back, first together and then one at a time.

6. Pretending you are on skis, push your knees to the right and your heels and hands to the left. Lift your feet off the floor, and swing your knees to the left and heels and hands to the right. Repeat twenty times.

7. Sitting back, lower your head as far forward as you can. Then, still facing forward, lower it to the left. Then, to the right. Repeat several times.

8. Lay your head back, with your mouth hanging open, and, arching your back, look as far back on the ceiling as you can.

9. With your right hand grab the back of your left armrest and pull your upper body around until you are looking behind you. Hold for ten seconds. Repeat in the other direction.

10. Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder, and hug yourself. Lean forward and hold. Repeat several times.