Subject: Packing Nightmare--reply
Re: Formal night on a ship----We usually take expedition/adventure cruises so don't have to worry about that, but even on normal cruise-type ships, we simply wear whatever we have that looks fairly decent. I can remember one time in the Mediterranean being invited to sit at the Captain's table on the gala formal evening and to go to his cocktail party before just for those at his table. We got this invitation at 4:30 that afternoon, realized quickly that we had no formal dress and considered not going, but then decided, Why not--we will neve see these people again?! I wore my only skirt, which was luckily black, with a newish black T-shirt, a belt, a necklace, and black shoes. Bill wore chinos and a blue travel blazer. . .and we had a marvelous evening, even though the others at our table had tuxes, sequins, and lace. So, just go and enjoy! People did not seem judgemental at all, least of all the Captain. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore