Subject: Steph's Thailand Questions
A very good chance; not a big problem as usually there's only a heavy rain for about an hour or two in the late afternoon. But the sea can be rough and cloudy, so diving might not be very good if you wanted to get out to the islands for that. As for wet weather gear - why bother? If you really fel the need for something, you can pick up a small umbrella there. Otherwise, just take shelter for the time of the downpour.

>Also, a question for the list in general: Has anyone ever booked
>accomodation in Thailand (spec. Phuket) on the 'net? Any advice or warnings?

Advice? Yeah - avoid Phuket. It's a tourist magnet; there are *many* other less packed and glitzy places in Thailand worth visiting and enjoying. And with better beaches if that's your interest. Why bother with booking, on the 'net or otherwise. There's lots of accommodation you can find just arriving almost anywhere in Thailand. The only place I had trouble was Hua Hin right at New Year's Eve.

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