Subject: RE: Barbados and the Caribbean

The beauty of the Caribbean is that it offers a wide range of types of vacation destinations. Are you looking to experience true Caribbean culture on a less developed island or do you want to enjoy all the comfort and amenities of a modern resort island? Before choosing a destination you should consider your options.

Barbados is a fantastic island, but it is not necessarily cheap. What are you trying to save on? Airfare? Hotels? Meals? Activities? If you are looking to stretch your dollar on a Caribbean vacation, Grenada and the surrounding islands are much less touristy, but offer some of the best beaches, sailing, diving, (and more) in the Caribbean. Then again, I am biased, as I lived there for several months.

My sister lived in Barbados, so I have emailed her your questions. Hopefully I will get some tips form her in the next day or so.

Sandy Washington, DC