Subject: Re: Re: Paris to Avignon
I thought you HAD to have that reservation, too, but on our latest trip, a month ago, we just got on the TGV at CDG. Had rail passes in second class, but it was full, so we sat in first and paid the difference, which was not much, for travel to Avignon. Didn't have a res, and didn't have to get one. Did the same coming back. So even though they say you have to have one before travelling, you can get on, find a vacant seat, and pay the conductor when he comes by, and it's not that much. If you know your time of travel, then do buy your res ahead of time in France, but if not, you can get on anyway. If there's not a seat, you may have to sit on a pull-down seat in the baggage/wc area at the end of the car. ANNE IN va