Subject: Europe Train &NYC lodging
Thank you for all the wonderful responses to my questions about train routing for our Europe trip in 13 days. After much surfing on the sites recommended it seems the best thing for us to do is to get an Euro Super Saver pass for $297each. This gives us 5 days of travel in 5 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland). The 10 hour train trip from Turino, Italy to Kaiserslatern, Germany was pricing at $240 each for 2nd class tickets so this was an easy decision. I am looking forward to posting our 1st travelogue.

There was a question about lodging in NYC. If any of the travelers going to NYC have ever been in the US military, there is a military hotel in Manhattan at 36th &Lexington. You need only show your DD214 (discharge papers) to get a room for $25 per person per night. The rooms are all have 2 single beds, the ladies bathroom is on the 2nd floor and the men's is on the 3rd floor. There is also a large kitchen that can be used by any guest. The hotel is very clean. They also have discount theater tickets at the front desk. This is not a luxury accommodation by any stretch of the imagination. It is however a safe, clean place to sleep. Email me directly for additional information.