Subject: RE: Galveston TX

First of all, here is the website for Galveston Island: Check it out to see what you/they can do.

While in Galveston there is lot's to do. You can check out Moody Gardens ( which is a collection of 3 large glass pyramids, each one having a separate theme: A Rainforest, Aquarium and Space Discovery Museum. There is also a IMAX 3D and IMAX RideFilm which is very entertaining, especially for the younger ones! Check out their website for admission costs and hours/special events. It's well worth the money!

There is also a Museum on the Strand which commemorates the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900. ( This is known as the deadliest natural disaster to ever strike the United States in recorded history. The museum is fantastic, but not a big hit with the kiddo's. The result of the Hurricane was the construction of the Seawall, an attraction in itself.

Also on the Strand, which is the main drag on Galveston Island, are many places to eat, shop and relax. It's a very festive atmosphere and there is lot's of opportunities to people-watch if you go on the weekend. If you like seafood there is a very big restaurant right off of the strand on one of the piers. The name of the place escapes me right now, but once you see it you will know what I am talking about. It is adjacent to the Hurricane Museum. Whatever you do for lunch, save some room for desert at Sasparilla's Ice Cream Parlor which is directly on Strand Street. By far, my favorite place for sweets!

Now, if they are up for a little drive, they can wonder up the freeway about 20-25 minutes to Space Center Houston, which is across from NASA. Here there is a huge place for children to play in, sit in mock-up space shuttles and flip switches until their hearts are content, and learn about life in space. Space Center Houston ( has a sort of amusement park appeal to it, so the children will enjoy it. You can also take a shuttle tour of the entire NASA facility including the giant Saturn 5 rocket, which is always seen lying on its side in movies such as Apollo 13. It's a nice experience, and well worth the drive.

And if all you want to do is relax and let the kids play in the Gulf, you can always find on of the beaches and get some sun. There are Ferry's available to take you to some of the beaches, but most of them you won't need to cross over to get to.

Anyhow, I hope some of this helps you keep busy. Good luck and have fun!