Subject: Scotland--Orkney
Callie asks about Scotland. We have been there many times and love it. Orkney is magnificent; we spent a total of 8 days there, visiting the Orkney mainland and several other smaller Orkney islands. May is a wonderful time to be in Scotland if you are at all interested in birds; it is nesting season and the cliffs along the northern and island shores are full of birds--a magnificent site, even for people like us who are not particularly bird-knowledgeable. There is so much to see and do, it is hard to give advice. We have stayed IN Edinburgh several times--never been to Aberdeen. We like staying in Edinburgh for about 3 days at a time--lots to see and do, day and evening, and most within walking distance. Why Aberdeen and not Glasgow? Are you allowing any time for the NW part of Scotland (Sutherland), one of Scotland's most beautiful areas. If you will contact us about the sorts of things you particularly want to see and do, we'd be glad to give advice. The days are long then, so you will have lots of time till very late in the evening to see and do things. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore