Subject: Ireland and Belfast impressions
Just turned on after 4 weeks in Ireland! Ireland is exactly like I thought about: green, unpredictable weather, landscapes, cows and horses everywhere, and less population density.

You know, every time go in a new country you discover that it is different from what was your idea, but not for Ireland in my case!

I have been mainly in Dublin and, from there, I took few days trips to Kilkenny, Cashel, Galway and Belfast.

Do you remember the mail that I wrote 3 mouths ago about to be able to read guidebooks referring to the crime in South Africa ? Now I could title this mail to be able to see behind the TV camera. I found Belfast totally different from what was my idea made by seeing the TV. The city centre is quite nice and I found extremely interesting walk through the loyalist and republican suburbs, see the wall (material and ideal) that separate the two community. It was really impressive taste the hatred existing between the two community expressed by murals. It was impressive too seeing children (about 10 y.o.) flinging stones from the loyalist side to the republican side of the wall (in the republican side there was a big road full of cars) !!

The life is quite normal during the day in these suburbs but I couldn't catch how high is the wall saw from a side respect the other side.

At the end I can say that Belfast is not a particularly dangerous city for tourists and visit Belfast could be a good chance to have a look behind the TV camera!!

Marco in Milan (Italy).