Subject: Re: ( subway?)Attractions in Los Angeles
I have to agree that Universal City walk is way over priced, and totally touristy. (even for a tourist!)

I have to disagree about Long Beach. The Aquarium of the Pacific is great. Small, and very personal, and specialized to the Pacific ocean's animals, fish, etc. I also like the Shoreline Village restaurants, to have lunch or a drink. There's also a free shuttle that goes all around Long Beach which is very convenient.

As far as a few hours or so in LA, I think Venice is a good bet if it's during the day. Especially if it is nice, you get the California sunshine and you can't find a more LA scene than Venice! And it is close to LAX. (Close being relative of course, in LA.)

As for dinner, there are so many good restaurants...

has good information on different restaurants, and also things that are going on in LA. There's even an article about the new metro, and food stops along the way : )

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