Subject: Television in other lands???
Hello Everyone, Debbie here... I have been wondering if anyone, other than myself ;-) is fascinated my television in other lands? Do you ever watch while travelling? Are you amazed and flabbergasted? What are the weirdest things you have ever seen on television while travelling?

I'll offer two favorites (but favorite is hardly the right word, in at least the first two cases):

In Italy, the program Colorado fascinates me. I don't speak much Italian, and I don't have a clue about what is going on there. But the singing, the contestants, the guy in the wolf suit! The lights, noise, etc. And if anyone can tell me what Colorado is about, I would love to know.

In the UK, I have seen a reality-tv program where two sets of neighbors switch homes, and then redecorate each other's houses, without any input or approval from the home's occupants/owners!!! I am totally amazed by this.

Also in the UK, I love to watch sheep and obedience trials. Being the overly-proud human companion of a Border Collie, I get a real kick out of those programs.

Oh, and Mrs. Merton! I love Mrs. Merton.

So, does anyone else like foreign television, even when you can't speak the language?

Curiously, Debbie PS. How about visitors to the US? What do you see on tv here that is fascinating?