Subject: Re: Television in other lands???

I love watching TV when I'm traveling. I lived abroad for a number of years and have seen a lot of foreign television. One of my family's favorites was back in 1979 when we watched Sesame Street in Greek.

On my last trip to Greece (Nov, 1997) we watched a wonderful show. It was a reading of the Odyssey with video of all the places where they think the action took place. The reading was in Greek which I don't know. The reader had a wonderful voice and it was lovely to listen to. It was very impressive. The we went from the sublime to the ridiculous - It was followed by an episode of the American show Hercules (with Greek subtitles, I think) Absolutely ludicrous!

One of the scariest experiences I had watching TV while abroad was when we lived in Tehran in 1977. One evening we were watching the news and there was a huge fire in our home town of Santa Barbara, California. It was eerie to be sitting halfway around the world and be watching our neighbors homes burn (over 200 homes burned in that fire). My house didn't burn - but there were so many houses that I recognized while watching that broadcast.

Martha in Ventura (yes, I'm still a Ziner - just lurking because I haven't been traveling much. BUT - I just retired from one of my jobs and I'm getting very itchy feet again!)